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I am a documentary photographer, and have been drawn to this style of photography for as long as I have been a practitioner of the medium. I have and always will appreciate and enjoy the more fine art spectrum of the photographic process, but for me, the use of the camera as a tool for documentation and capture of the culturally fascinating and significant has always been what has fueled my interest in and practice of photography. My work explores subcultures and obscure groups; often those that revolve around sports or hobbies within the UK, and that otherwise may go unseen. My image making process is one of immersion and exploration; I will imbed myself within a chosen subculture, for as much time as possible, so as to make photographs documenting from within, rather than looking in from outside.  It important to me to capture all aspects of whatever topic I am exploring: The people found within it and who form a community, the topic itself, whether a sport, hobby or profession, the thing all else revolves around, related objects that when put in context with the subject become artifacts dedicated to it, and lastly the location, so as to ground and give a sense of place to the other photographs. I ensure that I communicate with people involved in these subcultures my interest in what they do, and try and get to know them, allowing for further immersion, and therefore more honest, intimate work. 

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